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You get it, don’t you? ;)



UsUk foreverrrrrr

I wonder what a non hetalian would think about this photo….I can’t believe hetalian humor has gotten to this point 


【腐】べいにちがキャッキャやってるようなやつ | もびすた [pixiv] 


okay but this official art really fucking confuses me cause????what the hell is germany leaning on???he sure as hell isn’t leaning on italy i hope cause in that position he’s going to break feli’s fucking neck. also why the fuck is china tilting??? why is the world always tilted in old official art??? how the fuck is england standing with his legs like that???  what the fuck happened to russia’s hair why is parted like that?? wHY IS GERMANY’S OTHER ARM SO FUCKING SHORT OH MY GOD EVERY TIME I LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PICTURE IT GETS WORSE


Lunar eclipse over Dallas, TX [960X960] OC

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I really love all sorts of hybrids so I quickly doodled this centaur!Russia for aph-roshia

Sadly I’m really lazy and didn’t draw hands I’m sorry




Ok yeah but why don’t people talk more about America canonly being 19 years old?? I mean that’s pretty frickin great. Just imagine this dorks voice cracking in the most awkward way, imagine the acne struggle, imagine the raging hormones. Imagine him coming in to one meeting all lanky and string-beany looking and the next he walks in looking like a damn fine man. All muscled and hell yeah looking like an adult.

Dear lord y’all need to think more about APH America.

Wait he’s
19 years old????
physically yes. i had to quit being the dancing queen two years ago
America’s Adorableness (≧∀≦)♪

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